A classic D&D game with a very good plot, lots of mysteries, a mysterious god, a hydra, ancient magic and treasure, an apocalypse, plot twists, and lots of humor

Mystarios has just emerged from Vizerv’s sea after a battle for a certain artifact, the Helm of Infinite Might. The Helm of Infinite Might grants it’s wearer godhood. Mystarios was once an eladrin adventurer that thwarted Lolth and freed his drow cousins. Now, he is worshipped by all drows. A great war will begin soon. Vizerv is gathering dragons and any allies he can get to fight the gods. He has already won over many dragonborn. Mystarios is rallying support from the rest of the gods but Tiamat and Bahamut are torn between the gods and the dragons. Lolth is meanwhile regrouping and with her are some drow and Bane and Gruumsh with their followers. You must choose; will you help Vizerv acheive godhood,help Lolth get her revenge, or aid the new god destroy all who oppose him?

The Descention to Oblivion